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EXPOSED! Here are 20 foods you thought were vegan but are not… over my 9 years of being vegan, i thought these products were vegan at some point and wanted to share with you in case you didn’t know they were not vegan!

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  1. So apparently I am seeing comments that someone named Ashley Wicka has made a similar video last week. We filmed this video over a month ago and had it on the schedule for today. I put a lot of effort into highlighting other creators and bloggers through my content and always give credit when I’m inspired by someone. TO MAKE THIS POINT CLEAR….I wrote about this exact very topic in 2013 on the blog:

    I didn’t see Ashley’s video, otherwise I totally would have given credit for the inspiration. If you watch any of my ‘Hacked’ episodes, you would know how mindful my team and I are about giving credit where it is due! No one is going to be completely original on YouTube, it’s impossible to know what every creator is doing. I am so happy she made her own video and will check it out!

    1. ALSO! This “topic” has been around for a while! Ashley Wicke was not the first (even tho she did a great version and Candice’s talks about different things)! Krista Ben uploaded one 2 YEARS AGO PEOPLE! People need to stop hating!

    2. I always check, only need to do it once, only takes a few seconds and then you know the next time you want to buy it (IF you want to buy it again that is lol)

      At least in Canada they seem to put “Contains – milk, egg, etc…” but I still like to double check.

  2. Thank-you for this information, Candice.
    Something to stay away from, not ingested-food related, but still important, is “bone china”, “fine china” and, “china”, which contain up to 50% of “bone ash”, which is the burnt bones of cows, buffalo and/or goats from a slaughter house. And, also not vegan, are ceramics or earthenware which are shellacked; the shellac is made from the lac insects, lac larvae, parts and wings. This next part is taken directly from the website mentioned at the end: “Besides crockery, shellac (E number E904) is an ingredient of an unimaginable number of products used in daily life – gems, nutties, confectionery, dried fruits, crockery, electrical insulation, adhesives, pastes, printing inks, paints, textiles dyes, varnishes, polishes, crayons, optical frames, dental plates, grease-proof paper, jewellery settings, fizzy drinks, and the list goes on!” (Source: VeganIndia.net). Fu**@$#k!!!😫

  3. Here’s good wishes for your day….. Kindly press like button and activate ……?

  4. Honestly, I hate videos like this. Just seems like a video meant to shame vegans.. and for Candice to talk about how ‘perfect’ she is.

    1. RamblingCaroline if you actually watch the video, Candice said she used to make these mistakes all the time and hopes videos like this will help people learn new info? Watch her latest mukbang, she never claims she’s perfect

  5. L cysteine is in a lot of bread and other products to extend shelf life. Human hair or ground duck feathers.

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