Vegan & Gluten-Free Spiced Apple Skillet Cookie

A heavenly match of cookies, apples, spices, ice-cream and caramel. Comes together super quick and is guaranteed to make you feel warm and cozy! Check out my iOS app Deliciously Vegan for more recipes - And follow me on Instagram for more: Recipe: For 2-4 people 30 minutes 3 tbsp almond butter 2


How to make This delicious carrot cake, best of all, it's vegan! really tasty! i'm sure you'll be in love with this cake! SOCIAL MEDIAS: INSTAGRAM: BLOG: TWITTER: NEED WATCH: DOCUMENTARY: cowspiracy - Earthlings: 101 REASONS TO GO VEGAN: What Is Veganism?: CALCIUM: IRON: PROTEIN: espirulina:

Bees easy vegan lemon and blackberry cake

Bee's vegan lemon cake with thyme and blackberry Makes enough for one generous 8 inch round cake layer (double the batch for a regular 2 layer cake) Ingredients: 460 ml full fat soya milk (@bonsoy is my fave here, its super rich, but @alpro is cheaper) zest AND juice of two large lemons 110ml olive,

[노오븐] 글루텐프리 비건 고구마 피자 레시피 | Gluten Free Vegan Sweet potato Pizza Recipe

피자 만들려고 비건치즈를 샀어요! 밀가루 대신 라이스페이퍼를 이용해서 노밀가루 피자를 만들었지요. 근데 팬에 라이스페이퍼가 눌러 붙어서 떼어내기 힘들었어요ㅠ 달라붙는 걸 피하려면 기름을 살짝 뿌리는게 좋을 것 같아요 XD 재밌게 봐주세요! 좋아요와 구독은 큰 힘이 됩니다:) I bought some vegan cheese for making pizza! I made it with a sheet of rice paper instead of flour. It was


thank you guys so much for watching this video! i have been making a lot of food lately and posting it on my mystorie on instagram. a lot of you have been asking for recipes so i thought why not make a video? so here goes, vegan dreamy chocolate cake personal

Vegan aspic recipe

New week has started and I have new vegan recipe for you! This recipe for Aspic is very easy and quick, you could use any mould you´d love to and create aspic Bundt cake, Easter eggs or whatever you like. Have fun :) Enjoy it your way! :)